Frequently Asked Questions

How to handle disputes on telephone bills?

Try to resolve the issue with your telephone company. Pay the undisputed portion of the bill in order to avoid being disconnected.

If the dispute cannot be resolved with the telephone company, contact the Telecommunications Division with the PSC at 1-800-882-3919. Certain types of services are deregulated, such as DSL; however, we will assist you as much as possible in resolving the complaint.

A formal complaint may be filed if the customer wants to pursue further action. In order to file a formal complaint, send a description of the complaint by letter to the Alabama Public Service Commission. Include copies of all correspondence, receipts, etc. Address your complaint to:

Consumer Services Section
Alabama Public Service Commission
RSA Union Building – 8th Floor
100 North Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

What is “Slamming”?

Slamming occurs when a customer’s long distance or local telephone company is changed without their knowledge or consent. Slamming is illegal in the state of Alabama and violators are subject to penalties as provided for in Act 97-412. It also violates the rules and policies of the FCC as well as the Telecom Act of 1996. If you are slammed, call the PSC at 1 800 882-3919.

What is “spoofing”?

Spoofing is a type of Caller ID fraud where disreputable parties deliberately falsify the telephone number relayed as the Caller ID number to disguise the identity and originator of the call.

How do I stop telemarketers from calling?

Register with the “Do Not Call” program to stop telemarketers from calling. To find out more information about this program follow the link below.


What to do if charged for a service that was not ordered or requested?

Cramming is the term used when a customer is charged for a service that was not ordered or requested. To resolve this issue, follow the procedures listed below.

  • Contact the billing company and request cancellation of the service. Also, ask for a credit.
  • Contact the local telephone company and tell them you did not order the service.
  • If further assistance is needed, call the PSC at 1 800 882 3919

How to choose a long distance company?

The most important factor to consider is calling habits. Look at the long distance bills that have been incurred within the last six months. Then compare calling plans of different long distance companies. Be sure to look for references to minimum usage, monthly fees, and time of day usage.

If the phone has been out of service, does the customer have to pay the full amount of the monthly bill?

If an outage occurs because of a malfunction in telephone equipment, the customer may ask for an adjustment to their bill if the phone has been out of service for more than 48 hours. The 48 hour period begins when the problem has been reported.

Can consumers keep their phone number if they change telephone companies?

Through Local Number Portability (LNP), a customer is allowed to retain their existing local telephone number, at the same location, when switching from one telephone service provider to another. In order for a customer to keep the same phone number, they must tell the new service provider that they want to keep their current telephone number. If this is not done another phone number will be assigned to the customer.