The Legal Division consists of the Chief Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Law Judges, and legal secretaries. The Judges serve as hearing officers in all cases before the Commission, including motor carrier cases, utility cases, and other matters.

The division provides legal advice to the Commissioners and staff members as well as the public. It prepares written reports and recommended orders and drafts many of the final orders of the Commission. The Legal Division also prepares opinions and memoranda on legal questions involving the Commission’s jurisdiction. The division also spends a considerable amount of time studying issues related to rulemaking and revision of rules and works with other divisions in drafting and reviewing legislation for the Commission.

Inquiries handled by the division are numerous and cover subjects as broad as the Commission’s jurisdiction and beyond. These inquiries come from the public, the Commissioners, staff members, the Alabama Legislature, federal agencies, agencies of Alabama and other states, and businesses regulated by the Commission. Many of the inquiries concern highway transportation regulation, obtaining certificates and exemptions from regulation.

Except where noted to the contrary in the Commission’s Rules of Practice, the Commission generally adheres to the Alabama Rules of Evidence as well as the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure in the conduct of proceedings before it. Out-of-state attorneys participating in Commission proceedings are required to obtain pro hac vice approval pursuant to the rules of the Alabama State Bar.