Utility Enforcement Division

Railway Safety Section 

The Railway Safety (RWS) Section inspects railroad common carriers’ track, rolling stock and rail equipment operating in Alabama for compliance with state and federal safety standards and monitors compliance with regulations for Railroad Workplace Safety. All derailments and accidents involving trains must be reported to this section within 24 hours of the event's occurrence.

The Commission does not oversee or regulate highway grade crossing activity or associated accidents. To report accidents or roads blocked by trains for long periods of time, contact the Alabama Department of Transportation’s Rail Highway Safety Section at 334-353-6406 or local law enforcement officials.


RWS Staff Members:

Railway Safety Administrator: Chris Hester

Motive Power & Equipment Inspector: Eddie Nix

Track Inspector: Heath Thompson

Accident Reports: RR.19@psc.alabama.gov, 334-242-5980 (Office)


Operation Lifesaver

More Information 

General Order No. RR-19 and amendments

Annual Report-Railroads

Report Blocked Crossings to PSC