Energy Division

The Energy Division oversees the regulation of investor-owned natural gas and water utilities and wastewater management entities under the Commission's regulatory authority. This responsibility includes monitoring rates and quality of service for 28 companies as well as enforcing safety rules for all natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline systems in Alabama. The division is organized into three functional sections, consisting of:

  • Natural Gas - responsible for the regulation of all investor-owned natural gas distribution, transportation, storage and intrastate natural gas pipelines in Alabama in addition to monitoring the RSE ratemaking mechanism and related programs for Alabama Gas Corporation and Mobile Gas Service Corporation.
  • Gas Pipeline Safety - inspects all gas and hazardous liquid pipeline systems operating in Alabama, including offshore in state waters, for safety purposes under the U.S. Department of Transportation's gas pipeline safety rules.
  • Water & Wastewater - oversees the regulation of investor-owned and out-of-state water and decentralized wastewater systems with authority to operate in Alabama.